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5 days in Holland

Day 2

sunny 27 °C
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The day began with a bike ride to the family business- Het Dierenwarenhuis- a pet supplies store with a factory specialising in the production of animal foods. After this we went to the supermarket, where we were amazed by the variety of different chocolate breakfast foods. Dutch supermarkets are quite different to those in Australia, so we took some photos (see attached). Chris was particularly amused with 'Bros'(same as our Aero bars) and Cat thought that 'Plop'pudding was funny.
After lunch we did some more shopping in town and had the 2nd best ice-cream in Holland! This was followed by a short drive through the countryside to Meijel, where our cousins Baike and Katrien live. Here we had the largest serving of Chinese food I have ever seen. We ate until we were full and still had half of what we bought left, despite only having bought 6 serves when there were 11 of us. It appears Chinese restaurants in Holland certainly don't skimp!


Chris went for a long bike ride through the town when we returned home. I tried to sleep off some jet lag.


There was an odd moment when we were watching Andre Rieu (a dutchman) Live from Australia with Dutch subtitles playing the Australian anthem on TV. I have to admit, there wasnt a dry eye in the house..'.


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5 days in Holland

We have arrived!

sunny 26 °C
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Touch down 0500 hours in Amsterdam after a 23 hour trip. We had a 2 hour stop over in Kuala Lumpur, which was just enough time to get the blood pumping through our legs.


Once we had collected our luggage, we caught the 0644 train to Eindhoven in the south (which cost us 19.80 euro!!) and arrived at 0815. Henny and Riky picked us up not long after, and took us to the village of Someren. After a few hours rest and a huge Dutch breakfast (chocolate on bread.. the way breakfast is meant to be) we went to meet Henny's mum and dad, Aunty Torres & Uncle Jan.

After a lovely afternoon tea we went back to Henny & Riky's (where we are staying) to yet more scrumptious food. Following a huge dinner and dessert we went for a walk with Henny and his dog, Dorus, to see some more of the picturesque village (and to start burning off all the calories!).

After a bit of a chat with the relatives we headed up to bed and tried to sleep off our jet lag. This was easier said than done considering that despite being 1030 at night it was still light.

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